Ambien vs Provigil


Sleep is critical to mammals including humans. During this of state of mind, humans build up their immune, skeletal, nervous and muscular system. In spite of the importance of sleep, some people have difficulties falling and staying asleep. As a result, the person gets affected mentally and physically. Lack of sleep or insomnia may be mild, moderate or chronic, however the long term effects can be tremendous. With time, people who experience insomnia may suffer from depression, cause accidents and experience problems in their social or work life. And that is where Ambien and Provigil comes to the rescue. So, Ambien vs Provigil, which is better?


Ambien is the brand name for Zolpidem, a sedative. The drug regulates unbalanced chemicals in the brain to induce sleep and resolve insomnia. Ambien comes in two forms. One type is a fast-release tablet that help you to fall asleep as soon as you go to sleep. The second type is an extended-release type which has 2 layers. The first layer dissolves fast to help you fall asleep. The second layer breaks down gradually to help you stay asleep.

Though Ambien is a great drug that help insomniacs fall and stay asleep, it also comes with certain side effects. Most people who take Ambien often feel sleepy in the morning especially when they use the extended-release tablet. In addition, some people are allergic to Zolpidem which may cause them to experience difficulty breathing, develop swelling in the face, throat, and tongue.


While some people have trouble sleeping, others sleep excessively. And that too is a problem. Sleep is only beneficial when a person gets it for a specific period of time. If it increases or decreases, a person experiences certain problems. People who experience excess sleep have trouble waking up in the morning, they always feel tired and sleepy including during the day and have trouble thinking or focusing clearly. To help these people get through the day, they need Provigil to regulate sleep.

Provigil or modafinil is a drug that work almost similarly to Ambien, however it does not seem to be as popular as its counterpart. The drug helps to regulate sleep by influencing the brain to fall asleep and wake up according to the sleep-wake cycle. Apart from regulating sleep, it promotes wakefulness and alertness. The drug is said to achieve this by changing the natural chemicals or neurotransmitters in the brain to induce focus and concentration. As a result, it is used to treat excessive fatigue caused by narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work disorder.

So, Ambien vs Provigil, which performs better? Here, there is no clear answer since each of these drugs work effectively to treat specific problems. While Ambien is effective for people who are unable to fall and stay asleep naturally, Provigil is highly effective in fighting off fatigue. Each of these drugs works wonders for people experiencing opposite problems, however, the two drugs have a downside as they can be addictive. And this mean there is always the possibility of some people abusing these drugs and turning them into recreational substances.

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