Generic Ambien vs Brand


Some people will swear by the generic Ambien while some will swear against it and stand by the brand. Who is right and who is wrong? Ambien, or Zolpidem Tartrate is prescribed for people suffering from insomnia. In the generic Ambien vs. brand debate, what really works? From many reviews and the information posted online in different forums, it seems as if the generic Ambien is almost as popular as the brand. The general understanding is that the generic drugs take longer to be absorbed into the blood thus their effects are delayed.

Let us see what one can expect from the generic Ambien or the branded one.

The price – generic is better

For the price, the generic Ambien knocks the brand flat out of its wits. For example, assuming that you pay $70 for 15 pills of the brand Ambien, the generic Ambien can cost you the same amount, but for 30 pills. Note that these prices are just given here as an example, but you can confirm from a pharmacy.

Effectiveness – brand is better, faster too

When looking for information for the generic Ambien vs. brand online, you will find many people who say that the generic Ambien was not as effective for them as the brand was. After taking the generic Ambien, you will take longer to fall asleep and even after you fall asleep, you may not stay asleep as long as a person who uses the brand Ambien.

One thing that we ought to remember is that branded drugs are absorbed faster into the bloodstream and therefore when you take the branded Ambien, you will fall asleep much faster than a person who takes the generic version.

Side effects – both have some, at different intensity

Regarding the side effects in the generic Ambien vs. brand tussle, well, many users have complained of the manifestation of several side effects when they took the generic Ambien. While the side effects may differ from one person to another, they are there all the same. For example, some people have reported feeling dizzy, unexplained fatigue, oversleeping and even feeling hungrier than usual.

Please note that even the brand name has a few of these side effects. For example, some people have reported exactly the same side effects as the people who used the generic Ambien. However, in the latter, they (side effects) could be more intense.

Other things you ought to know

Generic Ambien will be available in different sizes and colors. However, the brand name will be available in its original color of white and small size. At the same time, the brand name is best bought with the doctor’s prescription. However, due to the cheap price and wide availability of many versions of the generic Ambien, it may be easier to buy it over the counter.

If you have been using the branded Ambien and then you switch over to the generic version, you might experience some difference in the way your system reacts to the drug. If you change the dosage, you will experience different effects and side effects. So only change from one version to another with the advice of a doctor.

If you are on branded Ambien, do not change to the generic one. But for the price, original is much better and for the best, you pay highest and in return you, get enough value for your money.

Our verdict

In this battle of generic Ambien vs. brand, we can safely conclude that brand name is better.

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