Generic Ativan vs Brand


The use of Generic Ativan’s and Brand medicinal products in the market has relatively increased. Generic Ativan is one of the anti-anxiety drugs that are responsible for the increment of sleep time. Generic Ativan is classified among the Benzodiazepine family where it works to manage long term effects of anxiety such as surgery.

In the health industry, Ativan is commonly referred as Lorazepam. The drug works to affect the available chemicals in the brain unbalanced in patients with anxiety disorders. According to medical practitioners, it is advisable not to take generic Ativan when one is pregnant. The rate of drugs abuse has been increasing over years. According to doctors, it is not wise to share the generic Ativan and the brand drugs with other patients.

Generic Ativan vs. Brand dosage

For generic Ativan and brand drugs to work correctly, it is advisable to follow the recommended dosage. For the elderly and the debilitated patients, the recommended dosage is 1 to 2 mg orally on a daily basis. To help avoid adverse effects, a patient should increase the dosage gradually.

In particular, Ativan is used to treat both the anxiety and insomnia. Patients with more than 12 years are recommended to take 2 mg to 3 mg orally administered at least two times on a daily basis. This insinuates that a patient taking the generic Ativan dose to treat anxiety should take 1 to 10 mg on a daily basis.

Generic Ativan is also widely used to treat insomnia. Patients taking a pediatric dose of Ativan to treat insomnia should take 2 to 4 mg orally dose, which is mostly taken during bedtime.

Generic and brand Ativan produces the same effect when administered to the patient. Both Generic Ativan and name Ativan works with a sole aim of reducing levels of anxiety and insomnia in the patient’s body.

Generic Ativan vs. Brand drugs side effects

In many instances, side effects tend to occur when the generic Ativan and the brand drugs are abused. The misuse of generic Ativan and brand drugs leads to side effects such as hallucinations, confusion, vision changes, upper stomach pain, and drowsiness.

Also, some people develop allergic reactions after taking generic Ativan and brand drugs. Mostly, the allergic reactions affect the tongue, lips, throat, and the patients face. Contacting your doctor before taking the generic Ativan is one of the necessary prerequisites you should consider observing. For some people, Ativan does not work well when taken with medications such as muscle relaxers, depressants, and sleeping pills.

Generic Ativan vs. Brand cost and affordability

Generic Ativan and Brand Ativan drugs are readily available in the pharmacists at cost-friendly prices. One pack of generic Ativan drugs contains 45 pills which go for $164, where one pill costs $3.64. This price applies to Ativan 1 mg packages. On the other hand, the Generic Ativan 2 mg packages go for $132 per pack, where one box contains 30 pills.


The use of generic and brand Ativan has relatively increased in the health industry. Apart from treating anxiety and insomnia, these drugs also work to manage epileptic disorder in the most efficient manner. Generic and brand Ativan should always be taken as recommended by a physician. Also, patients with liver diseases, lung diseases, and heart disease should consult medical practitioners before taking in the Ativan drugs.

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