Merck & Co

Merck & Co

Merck & Co is a research and development pharmaceutical company of the USA with a history of many years. The company was based in 1891. It belongs to seven largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world.

Merck & Co is known for its research and development activity, the development of vaccine and creation of the medical dictionaries for the healthcare providers.

Nowadays the group of Merck & Co includes:

  • Section of scientific medicine
  • Section of the over-the-counter drug development
  • Section of biomedicine for the treatment of oncologic and inflammatory diseases
  • Section of hi-tech materials used in food, cosmetic, and other fields.

According to data of 2014, Merck & Co is one of leaders in the field of research and development of the new drugs. FDA has approved more than 60 new drugs within 2014, for the sale within the territory of the USA.

The list of the new products has the following drugs:

  • Januvia – an effective product for the treatment of pancreatic diabetes
  • Remicade – a medicine for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
  • Keytruda – immunomodulatory used to treat cancer
  • Isentress – one of the most effective drugs for the treatment and prophylaxis of HIV

At the beginning of the XX century Merck & Co invested big sum of money into the research of the new active ingredients for the prescription drugs and vaccines. Due to these investments the company has made a breakthrough in medicine and developed such drugs as Vioxx, Mectizan, Fosamax, and Imipenem.

Merck & Co has developed the first vaccine for rose rash in the world which protected many people against the disease and reduced the quantity of patients with this diagnosis from 10 000 of new cases a year to zero.

The list of the medical products which are produced by the company grows every year. Today, the sales leaders are Elocom, Cancidas, Claritin, Nasonex, Singulair, and Celeston.

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