Novartis (Novartis International AG) is a pharmaceutical corporation which develops and produces medical production in the field of the healthcare service.

This corporation has appeared as a result of merging two companies – Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz, and it became one of the leaders on the market of the innovative pharmaceutical production.

Novartis has a clear and developed strategy which is based on the studies and development of the new medicines. Since 2007 to 2014, Novartis company received more approvls for synthesis of the new molecular sybstanes in the USA and European Union than any other drugs on the pharmaceutical market.

The innovative development of Novartis has already lead to the progress in the field of the pharmacology. This company has synthesized medical drug Cyclosporin, and this reasulted in the high increase of the quantity of the safe transplant operations all over the world.

The development of Sandostatin made a progress in the treatment of the varicosity in the organs of the digestion tract.

Research and development center of Novartis company develops not only strong medical products but also over-the-counter drugs and biological supplements.

The main office of Novartis has divided duties of goals implementations in the field of the scientific pharmaceutics between several companies:

  • Novartis Pharma produces prescription drugs which take about 61% of the entire production of Novartis International AG. They develop drugs for the treatment of the oncologic, cardiological, neurological, dermatological diseaes, and others.
  • Novartis Consumer Health studies and produces over-ther-counter drugs which take about 20% of the entire company’s production. These are different supplements, drinks, baby food, producion for the vision correction. This company develops medical production for animals.
  • Sandoz creates pharmacological analogues (Generics). Generics of this company differ by the high quality because big sums are invested for this. The part of Generics takes abut 16% in Novartis company.
  • There is another field of the corporation which performs Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics. This company develops new vaccines and improvement of the old formula. About 3% of the entire production of Novartis company is taken by these vaccines.

Novartis company has developed such medical products as Famvir, Femara, Zortress, Anafranil, Clozaril, Ritalin, Lotrel, Lamisil, Tofranil, Voltaren, Diovan, and many others.

The differentiation of labour better diversifies the production and also improves the quality of the medical products. According to statistics, 1 person among 12 takes a drug of Novartis company.

In spite of such sales result (the sales of Novartis were 58 bln dollars in 2014), a number of the negative reviews about the production is minimal it tells about the good marketing of the company and high qualification of all production departments.

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