Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical corporation which is one of the largest companies in the world. Diversified portfolio of the company’s products includes medical products and vaccines, and also production for the healthy diet and over-the-counter drugs popular all over the world.

This company has a big and professional staff of the medical specialists, scientists, marketing experts, and people who know what human body needs to be healthy.

Pfizer is popular all over the world due to its discoveries. This company has synthesized and sold Viagra drug for the first time which helped million men to improve the erection quality.

The medical assortment of Pfizer company contains such drugs as Lyrica, Diflucan, Zithromax, Celebrex, Dostinex, Champix, Zoloft, Medrol, Vibramycin, Xanax, Lipitor, Xalatan and many others.

These products are for the treatment of the diseases of the cardiovascular system, locomotor system, rheumatoid arthritis, urological diseases. They also include drugs for neurology and endocrinology, antibiotics, oncologic drugs, vaccines, and vitamins. The company tries to cover all fields of the healthcare service and develops quality products for the improvement of the life quality all over the world.

Lately, Pfizer actively works over the creation of the drugs and vaccines of the biological origin. The strategy of Pfizer consists in the reduction of the spreading of severe viral and infectious diseases and risk of the development of the cardiovascular and neuropsychic diseases. The common drugs are already not interesting to the company.

Nowadays Pfizer successfully copes with tasks in hand and implements innovative medical products which undergo studies and prove its high quality. The production of this company may be found in every medicine chest, and this is a very good characteristic.

Pfizer is a quality, professionalism, and safety. This is how all medical developments which are released by the company may be described.

In spite of all positive sides of Pfizer there are cases of massive complaints to the production of the company. Pfizer has been fined in the sum of more than 3 billion dollars because of the dishonest work and attempt of the massive testing of pills on people.

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