Atrovent (Ipratropium)

Strength(s):  20 mcg

Active Ingredient: Ipratropium



Atrovent Inhaler is a pressurized inhaler pack that is designed for oral inhalation. Atrovent Inhaler medication is used in treating a range of conditions of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The inhaler comes as an inhaler, inhalation liquid or a nasal spray.

The active ingredient in Atrovent is ipratropium bromide, a strong anticholinergic drug. It acts directly on cholinoreceptor bronchi to restore their normal function and reduce the frequency as well as the intensity of bronchospasms.

Atrovent works by relaxation of the smooth muscles found in the bronchi. It also reduces the reflex function of the bronchi in responding to irritants. In the systematic use of this medication, the discharge of mucus is reduced from the mucous membrane and bronchial glands.

Atrovent’s reduction of the reaction of bronchi to irritants such as cool air, smoke, and other predisposing factors has been proven through scientific studies. A convenient medical form allows for a lower number of potential side effects when compared to other tablets. This makes Atrovent an excellent choice for patients suffering from chronic ulcer diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Dosage Information

Atrovent inhaler should always be used as directed by the doctor or healthcare provider. The medication should not be used for a prolonged period of time or discontinued abruptly without consulting a doctor.

A standard Atrovent inhaler dose comprises of two inhalations taken four times daily. The schedule should be planned in a way as to provide ample time between consecutive doses. The daily dose should begin with an inhalation in the morning before breakfast or any other drink other than water. The dose involves inhaling properly and holding your breath for a duration of 3-5 seconds. After the inhalation, you should wait for at least 5 minutes before lying down.

Missed Doses

In case you miss a dose, take the missed dose as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost time for the next regular dose, skip the missed dose to avoid double dosing. The regular schedule should be maintained after taking the next dose.


Overdosing on Atrovent inhaler is quite unlikely to present any serious health complications due to its poor absorption in the body. However, it is recommended to seek medical assistance if you overdose. Rush to the nearest healthcare center for supportive treatment for the following effects after an overdose:

• Nervousness

• Blurred Vision

• Dry mouth

• Stomach pains

• Palpitation

• Difficulty in urinating


If you are allergic to ipratropium bromide, atropine or other belladonna drugs, inform the doctor before prescription of the medication. Also, the inhaler might contain excipients that might result in allergic reactions.

All and past medical history should be disclosed to the doctor, including experience with enlarged prostate, glaucoma and past surgeries including dental procedures. Also, any other medication you are taking should be discussed with the doctor.

Atrovent inhaler may result in blurred vision and dizziness, especially during the early stages of use. Any activity that demands concentration such as driving should thus be avoided. Alcohol intake should be limited during medication. For pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, consult a doctor to understand the benefits and risks of taking the medication.

Side Effects

Minor side effects include:

• Nausea

• Gastrointestinal disorders

• Dizziness

• Headache

• Blurred vision

• Difficulty in urinating

• Dryness in the mouth

Serious side effects include:

• Swelling of the face, tongue, lips and throat.

• Palpitation

• Rashes and hives

• Hoarse voice

• Difficulty in breathing

If the effects increase in intensity, discontinue use of the medication and consult a doctor immediately.

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