Carbozyne is a natural dietary supplement that inhibits digestion of fats and carbohydrates in the body. Carbozyne is a product of a company called PowerNutra International with the primary purpose of reducing weight loss.

The pills assist in the reduction of starch calories by inhibiting and an enzyme called alpha-amylase which is the enzyme in the human digestive track that break down starch in the food eaten into simple sugars. The undigested starch passes out as a waste, therefore, does not contribute to the nutritional value, and the body weight is maintained or brought down.

The natural fiber contained in Carbozyne (Christosan fiber) makes the stomach feel full when dissolved in the stomach and suppress the appetite of the user before excreted along with the starch.

How the Carbozyne medication work

-The pill functions by blocking starch digesting enzymes (alpha-Amylase),

-It assists in controlling and minimizing craving of sugars in the body,

-Enhances the body to use up glucose available,

-It promotes the maximum use of insulin and insulin efficiency.

Where to buy Carbozyne pills

Carbozyne is readily available from Canada over the counter in medical stores or through an online pharmacy. Online Pharmacies provide the drug at a relatively low price because they do not pay high taxes to offer the product. Buying the Carbozyne online is also cheap as it is convenient and saves buyers time.


Take Carbozyne medication as instructed by medical clinicians for safety to your health. It is mouth administered, usually taken with a glass of water. The user should take one tablet, three times in a single day administered at least a half an hour before a meal.

Take missed a dose as soon as remembered or skipped to the next dose and do not use more tablets than required.

Storage of Carbozyne medicine

The Carbozyne pills are stored at room temperature approximately the range of 66 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 25 degrees) away from moisture, heat, direct light, pets, and children

Precaution to take before using Carbozyne pills

Carbozyne is a non-prescribed drug in Canada. It is a cheap-to-buy and use. However, it is reasonable to seek guidance from medical doctors or the pharmacy before use.

The medicine is allergic especially to saw Palmetto. Persons suffering diseases such as blood clotting disorders, people with actively bleeding stomach ulcers or people suffering ulcerative colitis disease don’t use the drug unless directed by their physicians.

Patients suffering from liver diseases, heart disorders, history of stomach ulcers, and asthma or other disorders in breathing are recommended to use the pills only under guidance from their doctors.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are advice to involve decisions from their physicians before they start using the Carbozyne medication.

Side effects

Carbozyne does not contain synthetic chemicals contained in prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. It is a safe all-natural nutritional supplement that poses no harm to the user.

Complications may arise due to miss use of the drug. Therefore a strict dosage should be observed.

Although the drug is natural and does not pose threats to the health of the user, a doctor’s advice is recommended before using the drug.

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