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Every man, woman, and child gets a pimple somewhere on their body at some point in their life. In fact, acne is the most common skin problem in not just Canada but all over the world.

Teen acne is especially common, given the drastic increase in sex hormones during these years. For boys, the rapid influx of hormones known as androgens causes the number of oil secreting sebaceous glands to increase rapidly. Teenage girls experience significant hormonal changes during these years as well, and when this is coupled with someone’s first forays into the world of wearing makeup (cosmetics can also clog up the pores and cause acne) the breakouts can be fairly intense.

This isn’t to say that everything’s fine once you’re all grown up either. Adult acne is also common, and hormonal changes brought on by stress, menstruation, and other factors can bring on an outbreak. Adults are much more likely to develop sebaceous cysts, blackheads, lipomas, and other skin problems that may require the surgical intervention of a dermatologist if they’re not taken care of first at the pharmacy.

Avoid Acne Scarring With Cleocin T Gel

Even relatively tame cases of acne can leave scars. As for the more extreme and cystic cases of acne, the scars left can be quite extensive, leaving holes, dips, and grooves or protruding ridges and bumps that can cause psychological distress (especially in youngsters, although this is also the case with many adults) and may be associated with further dermatological problems down the road.

Thankfully, the Cleocin Gel available from our pharmacy that you can order online and have delivered anywhere in Canada safely prevents and controls acne.

How Cleocin Gel For Acne Works

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it contains literally millions of the super small holes which are its pores. Each pore contains a special oil gland that secretes a substance called sebum, the oil needed to keep the skin properly lubricated. The problem is that sometimes these glands make too much sebum, and when this excess gets mixed together with dead skin cells and other dirt and grime this plugs the pore. Depending on a person’s age (and other factors), when pores become clogged up like this the result is acne, blackheads, pores of winer, cysts, and other skin problems.

Cleocin Gel (clindamycin phosphate) is a cheap and effective prescription acne medication that’s suitable for people of all ages who have sebaceous gland related skin problems. It can be used to treat acne breakouts and newly developing cysts when they occur. As for those who suffer from chronic skin problems, applying Cleocin Gel twice a day controls the growth of bacteria responsible for acne and other skin blemishes.

When you order Cleocin Gel from our online pharmacy, you will receive a high quality topical antibiotic that gets rid of the bacteria responsible for creating the sticky muck that clogs up your pores.

Win The Battle Against Acne!

You don’t have to needlessly suffer from acne and other skin problems ever again. Cleocin gel is safe, cheap, and proven to get results. Order today!

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