Diabecon is an herbal medication used in treating diabetes. It is effective for patients with imbalanced blood sugar level. This medication can assist in the enhancement of the marginal application of glucose. It also promotes a healthy balance of triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Diabecon is made from over 30 herbs and minerals and is good at providing safe and gentle glycemic control. It supports healthy pancreatic functions as well as promoting beta cell regeneration. The pancreas works by producing insulin, which in turn helps in maintaining constant levels of glucose in the body. The work of producing insulin in the pancreas is carried out by beta cells.

How Diabecon works

The natural ingredients found in this medication increase the secretion of insulin in the body. This drug minimizes the long-term complications of diabetes by normalizing, microalbuminuria (a condition which is an indication of kidney disease in diabetes mellitus), reducing the glycated hemoglobin level and modulating the lipid profile. This medication also enhances peripheral utilization of glucose by increasing hepatic and muscle glycogen content.

Anti-hyperglycemic properties

This drug also works by reducing the amount of glucose in the blood in the case of high glucose content in the blood. Proper hyperglycemic control is crucial in the prevention of micro- and macrovascular complications that arise from diabetes.

Key Ingredients in Diabecon


The principal constituent of Gymnema is gymnemic acid. This substance holds antidiabetic properties. It works by reducing blood sugar levels and aids in the regeneration of pancreatic beta cells. It is also insulinotropic, meaning that it stimulates the production and activity of insulin.

This key ingredient also diminishes the taste of sugar and helps in reducing sugar cravings. It also increases the activity of enzymes that are responsible for the absorption and utilization of glucose.

Indian Kino Tree

The primary constituent of this substance is epicatechin. It holds alpha-glucosidase inhibitory properties and works by regularizing key metabolic enzymes that are responsible for carbohydrate metabolism.


This component of the medication it helps in the reduction of hepatic glucose production and prevention of hyperglycemia. Shilajeet protects b-cells in the pancreas and promotes unrestricted endogenous insulin action.

How to take Diabecon

2 tablets of this medication should be taken twice daily. Diabecon should be taken 30 minutes before meals and on an empty stomach. This medication should not be used to substitute blood sugar level testing or professional medical care. If the response to the drug is low, the dose may be taken three times a day. Natural products are not only good in treating the symptoms but also the body as a whole. They, however, take time for absorption and results.

Side Effects

Diabecon is made from a blend of herbs and is thus considered safe and gentle. This medication has not been known to cause side effects or have any contraindications when taken according to the recommended dose. Before taking this medication, pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their doctor.


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