Flexisyn (Saw Palmetto)

Active Ingredient: Saw Palmetto



Flexisyn is an herbal drug used by patients with arthritic joints to increase their mobility and flexibility substantially. It is generically known as Lipotrexate or Liponexol. Flexisyn Active Ingredient is Saw Palmetto. Persons with joints problems can order Flexisyn online and reduce their suffering from joints substantially.

Flexisyn medication helps to alleviate the pain and inflammation due to Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. It should, however, be noted that Flexisyn does not cure these conditions. It only reduces the severity of their side effects but does not address the cause of the problem.

Uses of Flexisyn

Flexysin is used to relieve patients with arthritis and osteoarthritis from joint pains. It also relieves them from the inflammation that accompanies these medical conditions. It is highly effective in treating symptoms of arthritis such as joint aches.

Patients who have Arthritis can order Flexisyn online to enhance their flexibility and increase mobility. The overall effect is improving body fitness as well as easing the pain caused by diseases affecting the joints and limbs.


Flexysin is a cheap drug available for anyone to buy from a local pharmacy. However, users who order Flexisyn online should stick to a doctor’s prescription. The doctor always issues the drug following factors as the severity of the condition, weight and the body’s response to the drug. The schedule may vary for different individuals as well as the dosage. Such drug abusers can easily suffer from adverse side effects that cause fatal reactions.

Users taking Flexysin should adhere promptly to the medicine schedule. To achieve the maximum benefits, patients should take the drugs without fail. In the case of a missed dose, one should take the medication as quickly as possible. Taking a double dosage is a no, and it can lead to an overdose.

Side effects of Flexysin

Being an herbal product, the side effects of this drug are minimum. Statistically, persons using Flexysin to treat the side effects of arthritis experience no adverse effects. There are no known cases.

However, taking the drug more than the prescribed dosage can cause an overdose. It also reduces the effectiveness of Flexysin. If you experience any harmful side effect during its treatment, report to a credible health physician.


Just like any other drug, there are some safety precautions that users taking the drug should follow. For instance:

  • Persons who develop allergic reactions to the drug should seize immediately. Natural ingredients in Flexysin have the capability to trigger an autoimmune response. It can lead to severe consequences like allergic reactions.
  • Individuals with liver disease, kidney disease or diabetes should not use this drug unless advised otherwise. These disease conditions have the capability of altering the effectiveness of Flexysin. Furthermore, adverse drug-drug interaction could occur causing fatal results.
  • Alcohol can cause harmful side effects and reduce its work. Persons who drink should not take alcohol three days before and after taking this medication.

Individuals who order Flexisyn online should see a physician before taking the drug for right prescription and dosage. Remember a doctor always weighs the benefits over the risks before prescribing a drug.

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