Lasuna (Extracts Of Garlic)

Active Ingredient: Extracts Of Garlic



Lasuna’s main active ingredient is garlic or Allium Sativum as it is scientifically known. Garlic is known to contain antiseptic properties that the Lasuna medication inherits through its content. The medication also has detoxifying agents that it also derives from the constituting garlic. The vegetarian product does not contain any sugar or preservative making it healthy. With no artificial flavors, Lasuna medication is one of the healthiest medications on any shelve. The herbal product contains amino acids and sulphuric compounds that increases its usage and the effects that it has to the body.

When to use Lasuna medication

The medication is mainly used by people who suffer from high blood pressure and those with high cholesterol levels. The medication mitigates high cholesterol level by having a dissolving effect on the blood such that the blood becomes light and flows to reach every part of the body with ease. The medication works naturally rather than involving any chemicals.

The medication is also effective in reducing heart related diseases through its effect in controlling the blood pressure. Other than these conditions, Lasuna medication is known to be effective in relieving stress, managing cold symptoms, cleaning the liver and kidney and reduction of menstrual pain. The medication is also effective in digestive disorders and improvement of sexual health. The medication should be taken in long term dosage for effectiveness.

The dosage for you

The Lasuna medication comes in simple dosages that can be easily taken with any schedule. All you need to take is one or two capsules that should be taken twice a day after having your meals. It is however important that one consults a doctor before taking the medication. There are no foods that should not be taken with the medication and it can be taken by both men and women unless one is breastfeeding, pregnant, diabetic, or suffers from hypertension for which a doctor must be consulted.

Possible side effects

  • Possible rashes and swellings on the face
  • Bleeding in various cavities such as oral or nasal
  • Bowel movement problems
  • Nausea and foul smell from the mouth
  • Blisters in mouth and throat and possible inflammation of various parts of the body
  • Possible digestive problems associated with garlic

How to get Lasuna medication

Getting Lasuna medication is simple and easy. You can order Lasuna medication online and get the medication delivered. Online pharmacy offer Lasuna medication at a cheap price from which you can simply buy. You need to get to the online pharmacy website, read the instructions and any materials relating to the medication before purchasing it. Then search for the medication and go through the process of buying the medication. The drug will be delivered to you. However, you must ensure that you have a doctor’s prescription with the right dosage for your condition.

Lasuna medication is a natural remedy that is healthy and usable for all people. It is one of the healthiest medication that you can find that treats more than one diseases. However, these advantages come with extensive use of the medication for a long period of time. Always ensure tat you take Lasuna medication in the right way for a healthy life.

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