Noroxin (Norfloxacin)

Strength(s): 400 mg

Active Ingredient: Norfloxacin



Noroxin is the brand name for norfloxacin. It’s used for treatment of bacterial infections particularly those that affect the urinary tract though it can also be used to treat traveller’s diarrhea and an inflamed stomach. In actual sense, noroxin is a synthetic chemotherapeutic agent which belongs to a class of drugs called quinolone antibiotics and as mentioned offers relieve from:

  • bacterial UTI (urinary tract infection) caused by E coli, Proteus, Staphylococcus, Citrobacter and any other strain
  • infection of the prostrate gland
  • traveller’s diarrhea and prevention of the same

Precautions when using Noroxin medication

When you order noroxin medication online, keep in mind that there are certain precautions that should be aware of. For a start, read then printed manufacturer’s leaflet for a list of ingredients and recommended dosage. Do not use noroxin medication if:

  • you’re allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the package. The same applies if you react adversely to other quinolone drugs
  • you have tendonitis (an inflammation of the tendon) or a prior history of a ruptured tendon
  • you have a history of suffering from myasthenia gravis
  • you’re under nitrofurantoin or antiarrhythmic medication (could be solatol, quinidine etc). Your doctor should be in a good position to advice you on this.

There are a number of medical conditions that automatically disqualify you from using noroxin medication. In such cases, consult your doctor before ordering noroxin online. Here are those special cases:

  • if you have allergies to some foods, medicines and other irritants
  • if you are under herbal, prescription or no prescription medication
  • if you are a woman trying to conceive, or pregnant or breastfeeding a baby
  • if you have a liver problem, kidney problem, Alzheimer’s disease, a history of seizures, muscle problems, nervous or brain problems
  • if you undertake strenuous physical tasks, take corticosteroids or recovering from a recent organ transplant.

How to use Noroxin medication

Stick to the recommended dosage as prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist. Check the manufacturer’s label for proper dosage. This is how you should use it.

  • take noroxin medication orally preferably an hour or two after a meal or after taking a a glass of milk or any other dairy product.
  • take the medicine with a glass of water. Later on, take fluids
  • don’t take any dietary supplement with magnesium, calcium, aluminium, zinc or iron 2-hours before and after you take noroxin medication.
  • complete your dose even if you feel better. This way you prevent development of antibacterial-resistant strains
  • do not miss your dose and if you do, take it as soon as you remember unless it is time for the next intake. If that’s the case then resume your regular routine.

Side effects of Noroxin

Noroxin medication just like all drugs can cause some side effects. These include diarrhea, dizzines, stomach upsets, loss of appetite, nausea, an allergic reaction, tremors, vaginal yeast infection, muscle weakness/ pain and chills. Some of these are serious and will require immediate medical attention if experienced.

You can order noroxin online today and get it delivered to you with a click of a mouse. Do not let that bacterial infection put you down at all.

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