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Pilex is a drug that is medically used to shrink the hemorrhoid mass and stop bleeding. It commonly exists as two types of products which are Pilex tablets and Pilex ointment. Pilex tablets are meant for internal use while the cream is used for local application.

The combination of both products i.e. the Pilex ointment and Pilex tablet creates a relief from anal discomfort by reducing the size of hemorrhoids. Pilex tablet is beneficial in bleeding or non-bleeding piles , internal or external hemorrhoids and as an adjuvant therapy in varicose veins. It reduces inflammation of mucous membrane and skin. It also reduces rectal bleeding, alleviates pain and itching and treats chronic constipation.

Pilex dosage guide

Pilex tablets dosage is prescribed according to age differences whereby takes a tablet twice or thrice a day while adults take two tablets twice or thrice a day. Remember to follow the doctor’s prescription or the pharmacist guide if purchased over the counter How to order Pilex drug online

Pilex medication can be ordered online from the Canadian health mall or eBay health malls, which are most common online pharmacies. Login does it in into the store’s websites and filling in the delivery invoice the names of the drugs you want to buy, then fills in your shipping address information easier and safe delivery.The delivery is made two to three days after an order has been made.

Once delivery is made, the Pilex medication normally comes with an applicator. Wash the applicator properly before using it. Secondly, apply the Pilex ointment before and after a bowel movement with the help of the applicator. Finally, wash the applicator with warm water using soap to keep it hygienic and reusable. A patient with piles should take Pilex tablets keenly to avoid suffering from adverse effects.

Caution and side effect of Pilex medication

Side effects vary for each depending on the person’s disease state age, weight, gender, ethnicity and general heath. Some of the common side effects are.

1. Dizziness

2. Fever

3. Rashes on the face

4. Headache

5. Hypertension

6. Drowsiness

Pilex precautions

Some medicines need to be tapered or cannot be stopped immediately because of the rebound effect. Please consult with your health expert for recommendation specify to your health and body and other medications.

Pilex tablets should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers unless instructed by a doctor to do so. As a Canadian, do not increase or self-medicate your body’s dependence on medication without your physician’s advice. Please consult with your doctor to discuss the benefits and risks of Pilex pills before taking them.

Pilex medication prices

In the Canadian online pharmacy, the price of the Pilex medication depends on dosage strength and amount of pills in a bottle. A package of Pilex tablets with 10mg dosage strength and 30 pills is trading at $78.


Pilex is a drug used to control bleeding and healing inflamed skin by shrinking piles. Pilex is a proprietary herbal that is essential for maintaining healthy veins. Buy a box of Pilex medication online and get 10% discount.

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