Procardia (Nifedipine)

Strength(s): 30 mg

Active Ingredient: Nifedipine



Procardia is a medicinal drug from the class of medication called calcium channel blockers that function by making the blood vessels relaxed for smooth flow of the blood in their streams. Patients suffering angina (chest pain) in Canada can buy Procardia medication from their local pharmacies at cheap prices to minimize the frequency of attacks by chest pains. It is sometimes used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension).

Make an order for Procardia online from the several Canadian pharmacies available or the various local drug stores in Canada. Patients and other users of the drug prefer buying at cheaper prices from the online pharmacies because it is more convenient to place orders and make purchases. Procardia orders are possible all around the clock for the online pharmacies to attend buyers from all over the world.

Dosage of Procardia medication

Place your order for the Procardia medication at cheap price from Canada and use with a little subscription. The Canadian drug starts with an initiated 10 mg capsule swallowed without breaking or crushing one three times in a day before a full dose at an increased amount up to 30 mg three times in a day. It is out of recommendation to take more than 180 mg of the medicine. However, patients with coronary artery problems can take up to 120 mg.

Procardia administration is a regular basis that proceeds at least for seven days each dose monitored to establish effects on the blood pressure.

Do not overdose Procardia medication to cover a missed dose. Take your missed dose when remembered, or at the next scheduled dose according to instruction on the label.

Precaution to take when using Procardia medication

Before placing your order online to buy the cheap priced Procardia drugs, one needs to know the precautionary measure in using the drug. A medical history associated with diseases such as liver problems, air tract, intestine or stomach problems, kidney disorders, and problems of the heart including aortic stenosis and congestive heart failure may require doctors’ direction before using Procardia.

Your doctor should know you are using Procardia before surgery.

Procardia induces dizzy feelings which may make the operation of machinery or driving a dangerous task. Do not use with alcohol.

The medicine can pass through breast milk therefore not for use to breastfeeding mothers. If pregnant consult your doctor first.

Possible side effects

The cheaply sold Procardia medication in Canada has some complications associated with its use including allergic reactions. Take alternative medication if allergic to Procardia or the active or inactive ingredients it contains.

Common side effects o experienced after taking medicine are heartburn, nausea, and body weakness, and headache, change of mood, flushing, mild dizziness, tremors, coughs, muscle cramps, stuffy nose and sore throat. Severe conditions include worsening chest pain, feelings of passing out, swelling ankles or feet, jaundice, and pain on the upper stomach. Call your doctor immediately in case of any complication.

Buying online is simple and available all around the globe. Place your order to buy Procardia at cheap price from the Canadian pharmacies with or without prescriptions. Make sure to buy wisely to avoid counterfeit. Use Procardia medication as directed by a medical person.

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