Skelaxin (Metaxalone)

Strength(s): 400 mg ; 800 mg

Active Ingredient: Metaxalone



If you have a broken knee or a fractured leg/arm, the pain sometimes can be so severe that enduring physical therapy may seem like torture. You can order Skelaxin online to counter this problem. Skelaxin medication works as a muscle relaxant blocking the pain sensations from your injury. Skelaxin medication eases the pain making it easier for you to cope with your injury and continue physical therapy.

How to take Skelaxin Medication

Skelaxin medication is taken orally. You may choose to take it with food or without. Its, however, advisable to take the medication before having a heavy meal to avoid any side effects from the medications reaction with the food.

You can take the medication 3 to 4 equal time intervals in a day, depending on your prescription. Do not skip a dosage or take more than is recommended by the doctor. If you miss a dosage, take the next medication on the next time interval and do not take two dosages at once.

Do not take Skelaxin medication if you have anemia, kidney disease or severe liver disease.

Where to buy Skelaxin Medication

You can order Skelaxin online at our online pharmacy. To purchase your medication as a new user you need to follow the following simple steps;

Sign up

Go to our website on your browser. Once you are on our online pharmacy website, click on the “sign up” icon on the website and begin registration. You will fill in the necessary information that will facilitate your purchases. Once you have signed up, you can use your account to buy Skelaxin online.

Please note that all your account information is private and secure.

Make an order

Once you have signed up, order skelaxinfor the medication. You will be required to select a dosage depending on the age and illness of the person taking it. In case you have any reservations or queries about the medication, you can visit our online pharmacist /customer and inquire about the medication.

Wait for delivery

Once you have made an order and chosen a location for delivery, your medication will be delivered to you in the shortest time possible.

Side effects of Skelaxin Medication

Like any other drug, while taking Skelaxin medication, you may experience mild side effects like diarrhea, drowsiness, irritability, and stomach upsets. These side effects will eventually fade as your body gets accustomed to the medication.

Different people react differently to medication. This means that while some people experience the above mild side effects, others may experience severe side effects like the following;

Shortness of breath, experience pain while urinating, itchy skin, nose bleeds, swollen glands, yellow eyes and sometimes the skin, and unusual bleeding, nose bleeds and even general body swelling. If the medication has the above or any other reaction to your body, do not hesitate to seek medical care.


When you order Skelaxin online there are many of them is cost; you get the medication at cheap prices at our online pharmacy. Convenience is also a major advantage; you will buy the medication from the comfort of your home, and we will deliver it at your doorstep. You will also get discounted prices every time you buy medication from our online pharmacy. You also get free medical advice from our online pharmacist. Order Skelaxin online now and save yourself the trouble and expenses of going to a chemist.

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