Roche Swiss pharmaceutical corporation


Roche (F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd) is the Swiss pharmaceutical corporation with longstanding history. The company was established in 1896, in Basel.

The strategy of Roche company is directed at the development of the personalized medicine, and therefore it is one of the leading companies in the world, in the field of diagnostics. Roche produces innovative equipment for diagnostics which improve the quality of patients’ lives all over the world.

The assortment of the diagnostic production of Roche is rather broad: blood glucose meters, insulin pump Accu-Chek, cell analyzers, hemostasis analyzer, urine and blood analyzers, professional equipment for medical laboratories, and others.

In spite of the production of many diagnostic equipment Roche company is also popular due to its pharmaceutical discoveries.

Roche is one of the leading manufacturers of the biotechnological drugs in the field of rheumatology and transplantology. Roche has received a special popularity due to the development of the unique antiviral drug Tamiflu. This antiviral drug turned out the only effective drug in the treatment and prophylaxis of Swine influenza (A/H1N1).

In general, Roche has a great experience in the development of the antiviral drugs and products for diagnostics of the viral infections. The developments of Roche include many HIV tests and a lot of antiretroviral drugs. In 1957, scientists of Roche company developed the first drugs from the group of benzodiazepine.

Roche company produces such drugs as Xenical, Valium, Avastin, Accutane, Bactrim, Klonopin, Neulastim, Toradol, Lexotanil, Herceptin, and Cardene. These are effective drugs for the treatment of depression, anxious disorders, acne, oncologic diseases, pain-killer drugs, antibiotics, and others.

Roche pays a special attention to the research papers, and therefore it invests multi-million sums in the research projects which may be indirectly related to medicine. The company wants to achieve a breakthrough in medicine especially on the market of the diagnostic devices.

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